Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Power of words amazing. They can bring you down or lift you up. The past couple of days there's been one person that just brings a smile to my face whenever I see her words, such a sense of humor. I was kinda down a minute ago and then read someone's blog and it just made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Observing others is a great learning tool. I often wonder if my words have any effect on people. Lately I've been speaking right from the heart, but does it mean anything? I have a problem of expressing myself and I still am.

Do the words "I'm sorry" really hold any power? I said them recently and really truely meant them, but did that person feel that? Do they believe me? How, through words, can I express how I am really feeling to make them believe and trust?

I love words, why else would I read so much? Gaining ideas is a powerful tool. Right now I have a pile of books on various topics, scrapbooking, romance novels, kids books, biography, history, healty eating, personal growth. I'll gain something from each one of them.

I love putting my words down on paper. I've gone back and read the various forms of journaling I have and it's amazing to see my growth and look back on those times with an objective eye. I read some of my first lj entries and am shocked at how negative they were but then I think of what was going on in my life and it makes sense. If you were to read my written journals right now you would think 10 different people wrote in them, so many ideas, moods, thoughts going on, each one uniquely mine.

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