Monday, July 04, 2005


1) Simplify my life. Take time to enjoy my surrondings, just soke in what's going on. Get out in nature more. Only buy what I need.

2) Going along with the first one, curb my spending. I do buy a lot on a whim, the little stuff. I need to really think will I need this.

3) Submit to magazines. I want to be published someday for my scrapbooking, in ordre to do this I actually need to submit pages. I also plan on entering Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest. I won't win, but it will give me experience.

4) Read 120 books this year. I'm around 50 right now. This is easier than pages to keep track of.

5) Take more risks with my 'art'. Enjoy the process and don't be so critical of what I do.

6) Make an investment by the end of the year

7) Curb my procrastination. I know it will take awhile to get rid of this but tomorrow at work I'm going to start.

8) Stay focused. I have things I want to be/do/remember but I need to get them in my line of sight so I won't forget them day after day.

9) Embrace change. I don't like it but I need to learn to deal with it.

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