Friday, July 08, 2005


The subject of parenting has been on my mind for awhile.

First it was because in our discussions before the breakup Brian and I talked about kids. I want them one day, I feel it's part of my purpose in my life, I'm just not ready for them. He said he didn't need kids in his life. But if he did have kids he believes there SHOULD be a stay at home parent. If I was making enough money to support the family he would have no problems staying home but if I wasn't then it felt like I would be required to stay home, I would have no choice.

I come from a family with 2 working parents. I was a latchkey kid. Do I feel like I'm worse off than kids who had a stay-at-home mom? Not in the least. I feel it's all about quality time, not quanity. My parents were very active in my life. There was never a missed dance recitial (until they became second nature and the competitions were more important) or anything important. They did miss 1 basketball game in the 3 years I played but someone else came to support me then. I remember when my dad would pick me up after school we would do something at least once a week, go to the park, the library or just go visit mom at work. Both of them would always be willing to get down and play with me, no matter what. Even to this day they'll do stuff, my dad says it's because he knows one day he won't be able to do so he wants to get it all in now. He's going with me next week just to drive me home so I can read Harry Potter on the way home.

A friend of the family is on a track to nowhere right now. I grew up with her, her parents are like my parents, they're our real family because they're there for us no matter what and vice versa. Last night I was talking iwth my dad about how different me and Melissa have turned out. She has a loser boyfriend but stays with him because she doesn't like to be alone. We've decided it comes down to the differene in parenting. Her parents and my parents had a different philosphy. My dad did the exact opposite of what his dad did and my mom learned a lot form my grandparents. They always expected the best from me, pushed me to succeed, taught me what was important. I really owe my parents so much.

This is my favorite picture of me and my dad, just really shows our relationship.

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