Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It seems like it's been forever

4 years ago I stumbled across a website called Hogwarts Online (HOL) and quickly signed up. I kinda forgot about classes and such for most of the year until I was bored at work one day. I jumped in, signed up for a couple more classes and chatted in the forum.

Over the next 2 years I meet so many wonderful people, one I would call one of my closest friends. I fell in love with Arithmancy, created a website, played quidditch, became a prefect and even went to Boston to meet some of these people. The problem was I was starting to get burnt out, people getting on my nerves so I backed up a little. But I was convinced to try to teach a class to get a different perspective and get away from some of the annoying people.

Last year I was slated to teach a class called 'The Magic of Science' basically discussing the stuff we see in the books and if they can happen for real. Unfortunatly personal commitments got in the way and I had to leave HOL. I still talked to some of the people but not all. I didn't leave on the best of terms. In the recent months I've relyed on some of these people so much to help me get through life. I felt something was missing.

I got convinced to attmept to get back to HOL. I had to class ideas and submitted them. I found out Sunday both are accpeted so I'm back. It feels like coming home.

BTW, I'm a Hufflepuff, the best house in the world!!

*HOL is a very safe site in which privacy is very important. Most create names so their true idenity isn't revealed. It's all very PC.

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