Friday, July 01, 2005

Hopelessly addicted

This morning my mom and I went shopping.

First stop for me was JCrew, I love that store but can't afford most of the stuff. I go and drool and usually leave with one thing, moderatly priced. If the store was closer to me I'd be in there more often.

Then it was the GAP. I have a cc there so you know I shop there a lot. It's actually the only store I've found jeans that fit good in. They were having a sale but I was good and only got 2 shirts.

My downfall has been Victoria's Secret. They're having their semi-annual sale, not that I really need anything. I went in last week and got 4 bras. I love one of them, it's a push-up (not that I need it) but I love it so today I got another one, just different color. Having one of their Angel's cards does't helpthe addiction either.

Other stores I'm addicted to...Barnes and Noble, the Disney Store, any LSS, Target

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