Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I have a stalker!

Hi Pat! Can you imagine me having someone stalk my blog? I feel lucky if I get one comment in a month. :)

I'm meeting so many great people. Yesterday I posted in 2peas about feeling unimportant and I've gotten so many nice emails. Anytime I can mention my love for KI Memories I'm happy so talking to people about Scrapbooking makes me giddy.

I'm still thinking of ways to meet more people. I think the next time I'm in Barnes and Noble and Borders I'll see if they know of any book clubs. I would love to join in a discussion with real people about books. Right now the only books I can talk about at length are Harry Potter, not that I don't love that, but I've read so many good books lately I would love to discuss them. I also love book recommendations. I have a 2+ page list of books I want to read, I figure I'll cut it down little by little.

I got suggestions about taking classes at my LSS but my problem is I know lots of woman who scrapbook but would love to find someone my age, someone to grow up with, someone who understands what I'm going through. Don't get me wrong I love getting comments about life from people that hae been there, but talking to the people that are experiencing it right now are the best!

btw, boys confuse me!

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Judy said...

I have to comment here. I have been following along with your posts about Brian (and it has made me digress to this guy I was dating in college-Scott). I totally understand how you feel and its not a fun feeling. I think that we are roughly the same age (I'm 27)-anyway I totally understand what you are going through with the whole "finding yourself" phase. It is so funny that you mentioned KI Memories- I could live with only that paper and be perfectly happy.