Friday, July 22, 2005

The {A}wesomeness List

The Leaky Cauldron...this is where I get all my Harry Potter news. They're a site you can trust because they only report the news. Last weekend the head honcho over there along with the head honcho at Mugglenet flew to Edinburgh to interview JK Rowling and are posting the interview in pieces. Such great stuff coming out of it, some spoilers, but mostly just things to think about.

Gavin Degraw...I just got his cd and I love it. It's just something different.

Barnes and Noble...I love this store, it's so relaxing. Plus I love the online store. I rarely shop at Amazon anymore, I get better service at Barnes and Noble. I also have their memeber card so I save even more on my stuff. You will seriously get your stuff twice as fast from them than Amazon and it's free shipping as well.

My friend Kim...We meet Freshman year of college and she hated me and everyone else in our hall. We all acted like girls and she's a gear head. Somehow though we've become best friends. I spent last night at Starbuks chatting with her, it's so nice to be able to do that. We're oppostie but the same, I think we balance each other out well.

Vintage Mickey...I've been looking for 'Steamboat Willie' since I've never seen it before. Well it just came out on DVD along with a few other Mickey cartoons. It's amazing what they did with this cartoon. By today's standards it's not very good, but when you think about how it came out in 1928, it's amazing.

Disneyland turned 50 last weekend! I just wish I could take a time machine back to that day, how awesome would that be. I should be lucky enough to visit Disneyland this year and join in the celebration as well as buy up all the vintage stuff I can.

30 Minute Meals...Now I find Rachel Ray a little annoying but I still watch this show. I've made 1 dish so far and it's turned out great. I love how her ideas are fast and pretty easy.

Hope you enjoyed this edition! (sorry for no links for the last couple, blogger is being very stupid right now)

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