Thursday, July 14, 2005

I feel the

need to post something so this may be a little jumbled.

I've spent a good portion of my day today with Nani. She's being pretty good, she still likes to bite but we're working on it. My mom will tell you she's Nani's favorite but I think she listens to me best. I'm stern but loving with her. She can be so cute at times though, it feels pretty good to have a dog around again. Excpet she's cutting into my scrapping time.

I feel like we all have stepping stones and I had one today and hopefully Monday will be another. I'm going to Johnstown PA for a work meeting. I need to stand strong and remind them I'm their customer, not the other way around. Do what I want and things will go smoother. They havne't figured that out yet. Sucks to be them.

I must mention tomorrow night. I was tipped off that B&N is giving out wrist bands so I called them up. They're doing wristbands for the # of books you've preordered and then you get a colored piece of paper that tells you what order you can get hte book. They did the paper last time. They're starting to hand that stuff out when they open tomorrow so I'll be there at 9am to get my stuff. I bribed my mom with breakfast at Panera before we do her errands. I might be a little MIA until I'm finished with the book.

I'll leave you with my favorite Harry Potter quote...
"I should have made my meaning plainer," said Professor McGonagall, turning at last to look at Umbridge directly in the eyes. "He has achieved high marks in all Defense Against the Dark Arts tests set by a competent teacher."

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