Monday, July 11, 2005


In less than a week it will be mine! I can't believe it actually. Tonight I'm going to finish Order of the Phoenix and then stew for a few days. Luckily I don't have to work Friday so I can get enough rest in order to stay up late and read. The whole thing Friday has gotten a little more complicated. Dad is going with me but my parents invited some people over after golf so unless I want to get to the store at like 11pm I have to go by myself. But he's having a couple drop him off at the bookstore so he can still drive me home. 2 years ago I had to take 3 finals and move home on the Friday the book came out. At least I dont have to take finals this time.

Last time I also rushed through the book and dind't like it. I thought it was too wordy and it definalty wans't one of her best. But after I reread it at a more lesurily pace I loved it. I'm not rushing through this book, I'm going to savor every word and really enjoy my first time. You never get to repeat a first time.

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