Sunday, July 03, 2005

Art Journal

Journaling reads...


If I did the right thing
If I want him back
If he’ll take me back
If we’re meant to be
Is he the one?
Can we make it work if we do get back together?
What to do with my life?
Will this make me happy?
Can I be truly happy?
Can I let go?
Can I leave home?
Can compromise really be done?
Can I change?
Can I forgive myself?

The top is lyrics from a Backstreet Boys song.
Just want you to know
That since I lost you, I lost myself
No I can't fake it, there's no one else
I just want you to know
That I've been fighting to let you go
Some days I make it through and then there's nights that never end
I wish that I could believe that there's a day you'll come back to me
But still I have to say I would do it all again
Just want you to know

This entry was really easy and the first one I've done in a few weeks. It was rolling around in my head since I went to the movie today and listened to soem music and did some reading. Not the best artistically but it works for me and it was really about the words.

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