Wednesday, July 06, 2005


It's weird how I'm thinking about somethign that happened and realizing some of the effects.

I've been in a scrapping rut for a couple months now. I just have no desire to do it, when I do it takes forever to figure out what I want to do. (this coming from the person that did over 20 pages at a 12 hour crop) Then I thought about when was the last time I did sb for real with motivation and it was the 12 hour crop. The next weekend though things changed in my life. I became single again. Everythign is harder now. My moods are wacky, I can start crying at any time and I have no motivation to do anything. It's not that I don't want to scrap, it's just when I get down to the basement all my creativity seems to leave me. I was doing good in my art journal for a few weeks and now that's gone too. My outlet is no longer there.

Speaking of the boy, I don't know what to do. Recently I've been missing him lots. Just this morning I could almost feel I was back with him, but he won't talk to me. I can understand this a little, I broke up with him. I just want to be friends right now. That's where a relationship needs to start, we lost that and need to get it back. Maybe talking to him again will help me figure things out. So cross your fingers for me that he'll actually respond to the 2 emails I've sent him that he hasn't sent back.

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