Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Grad School Saga

Ok, maybe it's not a saga but it's more than 'I applied, got in, then started.'

First just to get everyone on the same page, I'm getting my Masters in Secondary Education. My Bachelors was in Mechanical Engineering. Yes, I know they're nothing a like. My plan is to teach high school physics, but it looks like I'll be able to teach math as well.

Anyway, I found a program through Oakland University that is for people that got their Bachelors in something other than education and are in the workplace. All classes are at night and on the weekend. I applied in April but I had to take a couple tests to get in completely.

The tests were a basic skills, which was so easy it was laughable, and then subject area tests. Now crazy me took all 3 tests on the same day so that was like 8 hours of tests. I figured I've done 3 finals on the same day, and improved my grade in all 3 classes, so I should be able to handle this. The basic skills was in the morning, math, reading and writing. I got done in an hour and a half, we were given 4.5 hours. Then I went back in the afternoon for Math and Physics. The math was ok, I felt good enough that I passed it. The physics was anohter story, it was horrible, not at all what I expected and knew I failed it.

So a few weeks later I get a conditional acceptance from OU saying that as long as I passed all the tests I was good to start in the Fall.

I went to orientation, got all nervous and excited, and then I got my test scores. Like I already knew, I dind't pass the physics part. I was worried that my plan asn't going to work out. I knew I had to dedicate 3 years to this program, could I dedicate 4?

I took my scores in last week and the secretary said someone would call me to discuss my options. I got the call yesterday. They've agreed to let me start in the Fall and rewrite my conditional acceptance agreement. I have to retake the test in October and better pass it then.

A load has been lifted, it feels great to finally know what's going on. Remember those signs I talked about, this is one letting me know I really am doing the right thing.

Now it's time to reteach myself physics and get registered to start class on August 31st!

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Angela said...

Woo Hoo! Good luck! I love school - I wish I was going back - does that make me weird? lol