Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Softball Story

Today was Org Day at work which meant it was time for me to show my softball skills, or lack of. I've practiced 3 times in the past month for this, just so I dind't embarass myself. So game time...

We were up frist and scored a run, by the end of the first we were down 2-1. I need to point out in the rules for today all the guys had to bat their weak hand to make things go faster. Well the other team didn't follow these rules so they were hitting them pretty far into the outfield. We didn't know until they went through their line-up for the second time, but by then it was too late.

My first at bat I got tagged out at first, the second I walked. I scored one of our 2 runs in the game. I had fun though and that's all that matter.

Of courseI couldn't make it without a little injury. There was a fly ball comign at me and it hit my right hand in the pad area so my hand is a little sore toinght, at least it wasn't more serious.

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