Monday, August 08, 2005

The f-word

I hate it.

I idon’t swear. I was always afraid of getting in trouble so I dind’t even say the work ‘suck’ in front of my parents for the longest time. I felt like saying ‘crap’ was swearing. I never really understood the need to swear.

Now my generation has got the f-word down pat. It seems like it’s an adjective for any and everything. It’s like it’s become a normal word, it’s not bad anymore. I say ‘fudge’ instead. Doesn’t that word sound nicer? It gives me happy thoughts where as the other word makes me cringe.

Do people think it makes them look cool to say it? I love watching Sex and the City on TBS because all the very graphic stuff plus the swearing are cut out. I’m a good girl at heart and don’t like seeing or hearing that stuff. But when shows like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under are popular of course those words are coming out more. Is it so bad that I like normal words, words that won’t get my mouth washed out with soap??

Here’s my confession. I started swearing more in the past couple years, but I always felt guility. I thought I needed to for some reason. But I’m happier now that I’ve cut it out of my vocabulary. It’s not who I am. Plus I don't want the kids I hope to have one day thinking these words are ok to say, it's easier to curb the habit now.


Kim said...

Amanda, love the topic. Yes, I have been known to throw around a few of those words you are talking about. I have been a whole lot better lately but Sat night was a big exception. I can not stand to hear that in movies or especially music. It makes my skin crawl when I hear it in music, yuck! So, good for you in using all the right words. Its a bad habit for sure.

chris said...

i try hard not to say swear words because i sure don't want my kids repeating them

Chiara said...

I swear way more than I used to and it isn't something I am proud of I just wish I was better at making my self not do it

Gwyn said...

Oh, I hear you. Not my favorite word at all, and the three males in this house seem to like it. :P

Peter and Lou Berryman have a great song about the f-word.

Anonymous said...

Good topic! I can cuss like a sailor(married to a navy man)when Im mad. My kids know when I cuss that I am over the top mad and watch out! I dont want them repeating these words, but they are very effective at times.


Jennifer said...

Oh wes I totally agreee, not a fan of that word at all! It has become a staple in the younger generations vocab, and I truly hate that.