Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Maybe it wasn't so bad

My mom is dragging me to yoga.

I decided while in the first class last week I would use it as a way to simplify, really think abot the important things in life. Remember the most important thing is breathing.

This came in handy today. I had a meeting, didn't go as I would have liked, then I come back to discuss it with my boss and someone else tells me it's all wrong and want to start a fight. They need to calm down and let me talk. Explain the situation as I see it and then they can calmly give me their advice. Don't yell and tell me I'm wrong, the person I meet with is wrong. Nothing will get done if everyone is on the defensive.

I was upset for a few minutes and then I thought about breathing, letting go and just really thinking about the problem. There is nothing I can do today about it so why let it bother me until I need to. T hat said my phone will not be answered due to the fact I know who is calling and I don't want to talk to them. :)

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