Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I hate...

I need a friend to cry to. And I have noone.

I just finished The Second Summer of the Sisterhood and envy the relationship the girls have. They team up when one of the others is donw. I need something like that.

I need that friend I can call up anytime about anything that will either plot someone's death or give me the push I need.

I hate this feeling of worthlessness and helplessness.

I hate feeling sick and being overemotional.

I wish feelings would go away and I could survive as a zombie, at least then my heart wouldn't be broken.

I'm scared that I'll never find someone else, I'm not the most social person so how will I meet someone new now that I'm done with school?

I hate that I feel useless, that I mean nothing to anyone, like I exist in my own little world and everyone else ignores me and enjoys their life.

Most of all I hate that I can let one person ahve this effect on me. I'm the one that broke it off, I shouldn't be the one that's miserable.

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