Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I've learned

...that you can say you love someone but you never know how deeply until that realtionship is over.

...that wanting it to work isn't always enough.

....that I'm an awesome person that anyone should feel lucky to love.

...that you can either run away from your problems or face them head on. And as easy as it is to run away, there's a better sense of accomplishment when you face them head on.

...I need to be with people that I love myself with.

...that I'd rather have the truth than some line even if the truth hurts more.

...that my real friends are those that will listen to my craziness even when they've heard it a million times.

...that truely good guys are very hard to find.

...I can't compromise who I am for anyone.

...even though it hurts I am better off.

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